I appear to have some new readers.  This is never a bad thing.  I don’t write on this website for profit.  Rather, I write to raise awareness about mental health and the issues that the mentally ill are facing.

There have been requests for speaking engagements.  I am working on a media kit/page to cover such requests.

For example, I have a voice, and advocate very strongly for my son’s care.  I am sometimes successful.  What happens to those people who can’t speak for themselves and struggle with mental illness each and every day?  Who speaks for them?

You will never hear someone say “I want a mental illness.”

I thank you for reading.   Please share my blog that others may become aware.

David’s Father (aka Carl Young)


The Hard Decision

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Reality Bites

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Ever Vigilant, Hyper-Vigilant

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Safety, a blanket I want to wrap around my family.

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Not to sound pushy – we will discharge if…

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The What Would’s – Analysis of Decisions in the life of a child with severe mental illness

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Adoption – Misapplication of the Paintbrush

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