>Thankful —

>For as much as I wish that our lives were “normal” I would trade none of the blessings that my family has for all the money in the world. While it would be nice to be debt free, have a regular job, not have to travel a couple of times a month to see the doctors, or pick a kid up from school for behavior issues, the blessings that they have make them the people that they are.

All of our hopes and dreams can be summed up in one word: THANKFUL. I am THANKFUL that the Lord has blessed us with the family that we have. I am THANKFUL that most of the time I have the patience to see the positive aspects in the blessings. I am THANKFUL for the support that my family gives us while we help the boys along life’s path. I am THANKFUL that the girls are the people that they are and appreciate them more than I can possibly say. I am THANKFUL for a wife that works a regular job and leaves the house stuff to her husband…

I am THANKFUL for the joy, the dreams and the experiences that this life has brought me.



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