What a week!

So my son, who doesn’t have any need for an aid in school, attacked his teacher. Pretty scary. Feel bad for the class and the teacher.

My son has issues with being obsessive compulsive, oppositional defiant, adhd, and pediatric bi-polar disorders, is on meds to control his temper, and sees doctors regularly for this. Now we are suspended out of school, and when he can go back, he has in-school suspension, plus he was cited for assault, so we need to go to juvenile court.

Pretty scary for a 9 year old, hopefully some of this might stick to him and he will realize that he can’t do what ever he wants when ever he wants, and that there are consequences for his behavior.

Thanks to the birth mom, he will struggle his whole life to maintain some semblance of what other people call normal.

My son is pretty nervous, the last time he threatened his teacher, doctor said that he would hospitalize my son if he did anything like it again. My son went well beyond the threat.



One Response to What a week!

  1. >Met with the psychiatrist. He wonders if this is what was needed to get the school to give my son an aide. If he had the aide, then maybe he would have been on task and not attacked his teacher.

    On the other hand, an adjustment to the meds, and a discussion of cleaning his system of meds and starting over occurred. What happens to clean his system is that he is hospitalized, and then reduced from all meds gradually. the process takes about three weeks. Then they start him back on fresh meds.

    Since he was born addicted to so many illicit drugs, this is similar to the detox process he went through when he was born.