Monthly Archives: December 2010

>a long day!!!

>We were in town for meetings with psychiatry for the youngest boy. he got caught steeling at Runnings Fleet Farm. And then got caught stealing at the doctor’s office.

Been a long day.

He was doing so good, we offered to buy him something after lunch. Then… he said he couldn’t help himself.

he even told the doctor that we don’t let him eat…. He gained six pounds since he last visit.

Doctor asked him if he wanted to go and live somewhere else so he could be locked up.

the boy says no. I love him dearly, but how do we protect him from himself?

>Rough day!!!

>Well, M is finally asleep. It has been a rough day. Started with him getting a bath and writing all over the tub with a pencil. Then the mouth started. Took away all privileges. Mouth continued. Ended up being a long day and he got incredibly mouthy. He got so mad he threatened to hurt… Continue Reading


>So M has OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Makes life tough for him. He knows it is wrong to take things that don’t belong to him. In the last two weeks we have discovered that he is hoarding garbage. Cat food cans, newspaper, cereal boxes, pop tart boxes and wrappers, soda bottles. He has been putting… Continue Reading

>Psych! redux

>Meet with the psychologist tomorrow, barring travel problems… Hopefully can get T back on track. He had a really good Christmas concert this evening. However, we have determined that it is time to give up the band. He gave it his all. And that was all we asked of him. Considering the Autism, he did… Continue Reading

>Juvenile Court results

>So juvenile court was interesting for M this morning. Refereed instead of judged. Three months probation. Was told that my wife and I are doing a good job of providing a supportive environment for him. The referee seemed surprised that M didn’t have an IEP. Interesting how everyone thinks he should have an IEP except… Continue Reading


>So we traveled to the city, about 80 miles each way only to discover that the doctor had canceled the appointment. Would have been nice to know that before we left… Want to reschedule? Sure, cause I can afford to drive back and forth everyday… On a side note, my condolences to the doctor on… Continue Reading

>Awake at 1:30 am.

>Thinking about something my wife said. “How did we get three special needs children?” Finances are in the toilet right now because of some credit card stuff that happened last week with one of the kids. Great thing to happen right before Christmas. Now on top of recovering from that, I get to spend money… Continue Reading