>So it seems like M has to have one time each day, where everyone in the house is upset with him. After that happens, he is pretty good for the most part. I wonder why that is? He will push every button he can to get everyone upset, and then he is back to his usual self.

Other than that one moment, and the near constant arguing prior to that moment, today has been fairly good. There have been minor infractions where he got something or did something without permission. It isn’t that we don’t want him to have apple juice, it is that we want to ensure that he doesn’t pour juice all over, and that the juice gets put back in the fridge. Same with food.

Plus, he is not allowed in certain rooms in the house without an escort. And, he is not allowed to “hide” on the other side of a piece of furniture, because he can do stuff that he normally isn’t allowed to do when he is in that position.



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