>Feelings Run Amok

>I don’t work outside of my home.

My work is my kids, and taking care of their needs.

I am lucky that my wife can support us, mostly, on what she earns as a teacher.

Get over it. I am not less than a man because I do the work that I do. I am secure in the knowledge that what I do has value and is important. I sometimes need to be reminded of this when my wife tells me that she did it for x number of years before going back to work.

I don’t know that I am up to the task, but I think that I can do a better job of educating my child than you and your school are doing. I value him as a person.

We sometimes struggle with his behaviors just like you do. Is he perfect? no, am I? no. Are you? If you think you are, I can understand why you are having problems dealing with kids like my child.

I worry about my child constantly. I am up at night wondering if I am doing enough for him. I am up at night making sure that he sleeps through the night so that he can start each day fresh. I wonder if I am doing everything for my child that is humanly possible. Do you worry about my child when you go home for the day? Or while you are enjoying an evening out with a spouse or loved one without the kids? Does your worry about my child end when you go on vacation?

I worry that my child’s behavior is affecting our other kids. I worry that my child’s behavior is affecting his classmates.

I wonder if you see the full potential of my child like I do. Or do you just see the negative aspects of his world?

Until recently you refused to help my child. Now all of a sudden you are feeling sympathy, and make comments like “oh the poor dear, isn’t he going through so much for such a little guy?” What changed? Could it be the civil rights violation I threatened you with?

I have other kids with special needs in your school. They deserve the same respect as any other child. Do not discount me as a parent who is annoying, or getting in your face. I know my rights. More importantly, I know my child’s rights. Trample those rights at your own peril.

To quote a friend of mine, I am your worst nightmare. I am a parent who is actively involved in the lives of my children.

I have nothing better to do with my day than worry about what you are doing or not doing for my child. I can be your biggest cheerleader, or your worst nightmare. It is your choice to make.

Thank you

(I borrowed the idea from a friend, and tried to remain true to what he wrote, however, I am me, and while he came up with the idea, the feelings are mine alone.)



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