>frustrations with schools

>I am a bit frustrated with education in our town. On Monday when I learned that M was coming home, I stopped by the school and let them know. I figured it was common courtesy. I also stated that I would keep him home for two days and then start him back to school on Thursday. Seems that they didn’t understand that. Thus, they were surprised or acted surprised when my wife told them that M would be back at school for the last half of the day tomorrow and the first half of the day on Friday. They hadn’t planned for his return. He will be back full time on Monday, then out for follow up psych visits on Thursday and Friday.

He hasn’t been in school for over a week. First because of the hospitalization. Then as a courtesy to them for them to have time to come up with a plan for M’s return. How difficult is it? When I have picked up the boys and had the chance to talk to them, it was my understanding that he was returning to school. Either way he is returning to school. He has a right to an education, it is not M’s fault that the school is not ready for his return. Might be time to go beyond the school, and talk to the superintendent. If that doesn’t work will call DPI and talk to them.

They sent me a tentative copy of his new schedule, as we/they are structuring M’s day so that he will have less opportunity to cause, or find trouble. Don’t know why they can’t use it. Seems like it would work better than what was in place before M was put in the hospital.

We are frustrated. We had follow up IEP meetings for our other two boys. Got harped on about T’s clothing having holes in them. Nothing major about C. Both T and C have autism diagnoses. If T has holes in his clothes, who cares? My wife gave them what for. Said, how do you know if that is all that we can afford or not? How do you know if we haven’t worked with him on his clothing? Why is this an issue? If he was showing himself to his classmates because of a hole in his crotch area, I could see it being a concern. So far, that hasn’t been the case. (since I do his laundry, I would know) They both have sensory issues, so only wear certain kinds of clothes. The argument that the school gave was that his classmates would pick on him. Since both T and C are in the same class, we would have heard about someone picking on him from C. T has been known to wear two different shoes to school. His appearance is not of great concern to him. They should be happy we can get him to bathe on a daily basis.



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