>M and the walk

>So M was in fine form today. I have to try to keep my heart rate down, and he has to push as many buttons as he can to get his daily dose of scolding and punishment.

He got the other kids so upset, and stated that he didn’t want to live here anymore. Not thinking, I told him he knew where the door was. He actually walked out wearing one shoe, no socks, no coat. Guess I won’t call his bluff like that again.

Will be on the phone with his doctor tomorrow though. T was so upset he was going to chase M down. T is a high functioning autistic, so he was pretty upset, he doesn’t normally show emotion. Given that I was in the hospital this last week with heart trouble, and T knows what that means, he was very upset. K – one of my girls – had to physically restrain T.

Not sure what we are going to do with M, but this can’t continue, he is causing problems with the rest of the family. How do we weigh the needs of 6 people over the needs of 1?



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