>M in hospital

>Talked to M. He wants to come home. Asked him about his day and why they made him move into a different room. He said it was because he was writing on his bed. Mom, K and Aunt spent about 2 hours with him this evening coloring pictures and doing puzzles. M asked mom if he could come home. Mom said it was hard to say no. Also said that M was kind of jittery toward the end of the visit.

I called to say good night. Explained that we needed to be certain that he was safe and that he wouldn’t hurt himself or anyone else before we bring him home. It is hard. I keep looking around the house to see what he is into. Even the kids commented on how quiet the house is. I told M that I would be down on Monday after my heart appointment. And that mom would see him again tomorrow and Monday before they come back home.

He won’t see the doctor again until Monday. Staff at psych told me that they called in extra staff just for M. Interesting.



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