>So M has been on restriction for the last two days because he attacked his brother and sister. Bit his brother, and pulled sis’s hair, scratched, punched and kicked at her.

My wife thought she would be nice and let him look at a book for a few minutes before bedtime. I went along with this willingly. Kind of a reward for the times he was good. He was told that he couldn’t fold the pages, or write in it with anything. He did both, even after being told three times not to.

So now we are on restriction for a couple of more days. Restriction is rather boring for a child with OCD, ODD and ADHD. He can do nothing. He gets to sit on the couch. No television, no toys, no notebooks to write in, and no books to read. He just sits there. He can do homework if he has some from school.

We told him that as much trouble as he has been in this week, he should be doing everything possible to stay out of trouble.

On Wednesday he blessed the lunch room at school with a tantrum that involved flying food, cuss words, and flying lunch trays. On Friday he did it again, and got a refocus for harassing another child by tapping her on the head with a pencil repeatedly even after being told not to.

And to think there are people at the school who don’t think an Aide will help him.

Frustration is high at our house. the primary solution offered by psych, twice this week in response to the increase in violence is to increase his meds.



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