>theft from the dr.

>M got caught three separate times trying to steal toys from his psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist told him that if he didn’t stop eventually he would get put in a jail. And that he could get sent there as early as age 11. He also spoke at length about M’s meds, his behaviors, and anti-social personality disorder. He can’t diagnose an antisocial personality disorder until the age of 18, but agrees that all of the signs are there for that eventual diagnosis. The doctor also told us that at some point, M will need to be institutionalized to protect him from himself, and to protect other people from M’s behaviors. We have been told that before. At the age of 9, it is too early to be looking at long term placement.

Our goal has always been to do what is best for M. At this point, we are doing everything we can, and when the time comes, we will do that as well if it becomes necessary. We want to keep him at home for as long as possible, but not at the cost of the sanity of the other 4 kids.



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  1. >Update – just got a call from dr's office, M hid a toy in the garbage can in the bathroom. I had suspected that he had taken something else, and the doctor and I patted him down right after he came out. So that makes four things that he stole in an hour with people watching him.