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>A dear friend told me…

>A person dear to my heart told me something I thought I would share. As a parent of a special needs child, or children as the case may be, we need to celebrate the good things in their lives. Lately, I have been engulfed in the negative aspects of trying to deal with their lives.

Their lives are so much more complex than mine. The simple joys of getting through a morning, or afternoon without problems should be a celebration. Getting through a whole day is a victory. If that is the case, then what is a week of good days worth?

We had a good week, both in school and at home. That should be celebrated. Because it is a HUGE Victory. It is a positive way to begin the next week. Sometimes, victory occurs first with small beginnings.

A celebration such as this in the life of one of our boys is huge.

A person dear to my heart also said that I shouldn’t forget about my wife. Together we are team that goes against considerable odds on behalf of our children. We sometimes forget that we are more to each other than a source of income, a meal, a warm bed, or someone to yell at when times are tough.

We forget the things in our lives that made us a team before we had kids. The love that we share. To remember these things is not to forget the children. We are a team. We need to work on that as well as all of the things we do for our kids. These things need to be nurtured, lest they be lost.

And then I think about my girls. They help us make our home what it is. Ready to help. Sometimes with complaint… 🙂 I can’t forget the girls. Be it helping to cook supper, or wrangling the boys so mom and dad can talk about the day privately, they are ready with a quick joke, a grin, and hugs when needed.

We tell them we want them to be teenagers. I am proud of the young ladies they have become. I don’t want to embarrass them so won’t say more, because I know they will read this… thanks girls!!!

>Probation Officer Conversation

>I talked with the probation officer today for M. She hasn’t gotten the police report from the incident yet – the incident happened three weeks ago. I explained that the school said the report was wrong, and that when we asked them to contact the sheriff’s office to get it corrected, the school told us… Continue Reading

>Underground Blogger

>I have taken my blog underground. Seems like some people in the school district took offense to it. They felt threatened by it. So here it is. no longer exists. welcome to You need an invite to even be able to read this. As a result, if you know someone who would benefit… Continue Reading


>I wish that all of these agencies that we work with for special needs kids would share intake information. More paperwork. Are there any trees left in the world? I have taken to asking if there is an online form I can fill out. The answer is always no. It wouldn’t be so bad, but… Continue Reading

>End of a Good Week

>M had a good week over all.  I told the speech therapist not to engage M in any power struggles.  Talked with Protection and Advocacy (P and A) on Friday.  Signed a bunch of releases so that they can look at his school, psych, and probation records.  Faxed copies of the Sheriff report to their… Continue Reading


>It has been a good week.  M has had very few problems this week.  The problems he has had are more typical of a child his age.  Pushing someone who cut in line.  He is still argumentative, and really likes to sass and talk back.  Had to sit the girls down last night and reestablish… Continue Reading


>Noticed something on Friday, and paid more attention to it over the weekend.  M has started repeating words and phrases four or five times or more.  Doesn’t matter if it is something off the television, something someone said, or something he came up with on his own.  Probably just a phase.  🙂 He was being… Continue Reading