>It has been a good week.  M has had very few problems this week.  The problems he has had are more typical of a child his age.  Pushing someone who cut in line.  He is still argumentative, and really likes to sass and talk back. 

Had to sit the girls down last night and reestablish ground rules.  It takes the whole family to make our house work.  We appreciate their help, but when they fall short, someone else is left holding the bag and taking up the slack.  The biggest issue is empty washing machines.  An empty machine in our house is a waste of resources.  There is always laundry to do. 

Normal problems… 🙂  Three cheers for our house!!!

Now, I am waiting on a call from P and A.  Been waiting for over a week. I called and left a message with the lady who did the intake.  She called back and said she would resend my contact info to the advocate who is assigned to our case.  Still waiting for a call from her.  Very frustrating.

We meet a week from today with the school, so I hope that we can have the advocate with us.  It doesn’t bode well.



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