>meeting regarding reentry into the school


we were invited to a meeting about M returning to school after his suspension for assaulting his teacher. We asked on Friday for copies of the teacher’s statements that were given to the deputy sheriff and were denied. We received copies of the statements yesterday my wife met with the school this morning. M did not need to attend this meeting about his reentry into the school.

So my wife brought up the deputies report and statements provided by the teachers. she was told by one of the teacher’s involved that the deputies report was wrong. If the deputies report is based on the teacher’s statements, then are the teachers statements wrong?

we also asked the following questions:

1. If the teacher’s had nothing to hide, why were we not given copies of the statements written by the teachers immediately after the incident occurred? we had to contact the Sheriff directly to get the statements, we received the statements on February 8, 2011. Without accurate information we have only been able to form an opinion based on what M has told us.

2. Where in the CPI training manual does is it say that it is ok to carry a child that is not your own, as a means of restraint.

3. Why did a teacher put M into a hold on the floor? Is this taught by CPI?

4. Why do the statements made by the teachers’ have so many variations? And which statement is accurate?

5. Where in the Parent/Student Handbook does it state that it is mandatory to file criminal charges against a child for assaulting a teacher?

6. Where in the Parent/Student Handbook does it state that the child has to be suspended for three days for assaulting his teacher?

7. Where is our copy of the IEP that was developed for M?

8. If the Love Logic principles of discipline are being used, where in the handbook does it state that the school uses CPI?

9. Why was 911 called, and not the Sheriff’s Department’s regular number? How is this an emergency?

My wife also asked about meetings where someone always has to leave early. The meetings are supposed to be scheduled for convenience of the parent’s. We were told that we were to schedule another meeting for next week …that I could also attend.



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