>a return to school.

>Time goes so fast. It has been 10 days since my last post. 🙂 M was in the hospital for his medwash. Came home last night. I took him to school this morning. I shared the med info with the school. I came home.

Shortly after I got home the school called. The principal told me that they need a discharge summary from the hospital for M. I asked why. The response was so that they could know what behaviors to watch for. I explained that as soon as I could talk to the doctor I would get her what they needed. Her response was that she needed it immediately. Then she told me that if M had any behaviors they would call me to come and get him. This upset me.

I called the doctor. She didn’t sound happy and asked for the name of the principal and the telephone number for the school. She also asked me if I had an attorney. I asked if I needed one, and she said I might before we were done.

I then called the superintendent of the school district. I explained what the principal said, and told him that I was not happy that M had just gotten back to school and she was talking about sending him home already. I said that M has a right to an education. He agreed and said he would head over to the elementary school today.

I then got a call from the principal commending me on the doctor and apologizing if I misunderstood what she said about sending M home if he had a behavior.

About an hour later, I heard from the school again. They said that M was really tired and wanted to know what meds he took this morning. I explained what they were. I then talked to the special education coordinator and she said that M was really tired. And that he really shouldn’t be at school because they didn’t have a reentry meeting for him. I asked why we needed the reentry meeting, and she said it was because they needed to know what the doctor said. So I explained that the doctor had called and talked to the principal. The coordinator said that she would talk to the principal.

I am frustrated because it seems never ending to me that they want to keep M out of their school which is funded in part by my tax dollars.



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