>Cell phone theft

>M stole again. Four cell phones from the school. I think that they are teaching resources.

Last week in our meeting with the school administration we asked them to escort M to the main hallway of the school where I wait for him and our other boys. To keep him from following through on the compulsion to take things that don’t belong to him. The agreed upon solution was for me to wait in the hall outside the Resource Room. I won’t do that until I get it in writing from the school, especially after they told me that people are intimidated by me.

here is a thought… what if the phones were intentionally left out? I can’t prove it, but every teacher, staff person in the building is aware of the issues with M stealing stuff.

In order for him to be Successful, the school needs to be fully involved in the goal for him to be successful. They claim that they are, but my gut tells me that they would just as soon as get him out of the school.



2 Responses to >Cell phone theft

  1. >Someone sent me a note and said he needs a good spanking. Don't you think that we tried that? We tried time outs. we tried grounding, we tried corners. we took away every toy he has, we took away his computer, tv, everything. he still takes things that don't belong to him. Before you recommend to me how I should deal with my son, maybe you should walk a mile in my shoes. /end rant. thank you.

  2. >Shame on some people. Don't you wish it could be that easy?

    Don't let it get to you as most people have never and will never deal with a child with the kind of issues M has. It's pure ignorance that fuels statements like that.