>Dr Psychiatry

>Met with the psychiatrist. some of the issues that M has might be related to the combination of meds that he is on. We are changing his meds. Wholesale change in meds. We are going to hospitalize him as soon as a bed opens up and he will come off all of his current meds. (called a med wash) then we will start him on new meds, beginning with a med for the bipolar disorder and working out from there with the bipolar disorder as the base diagnosis and beginning point for treatment.

As the doctor says, we won’t cure him, but we can help him be better, and then, in time, he can learn to control some of his behaviors. Every time she looks at the med list from our previous psychiatrist, she just shakes her head…

When they pull him off the meds, he will be in the hospital as it happens, we are the only ones who know for sure what he is like without his meds.



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