>eventful week

>It was an eventful week. Monday the 14th I went to the dr because of dizzy spells when I stood up. Really high blood pressure. Got meds for that. Thursday had lunch with my wife and noticed some numbness in the left side of my face. It passed after 20 minutes but left me exhausted. That night it happened again, plus I was feeling dizzy even while laying down, and the exhaustion was even deeper afterward. Friday went back to the doctor. Had the numbness down the left side of my face, as I was explaining to the doctor what was going on, she called an ambulance. Spent Friday night in the hospital. The end diagnosis is I was struck by a series of mini-strokes. 39 years old. I am on the mend now, my face feels weird where the strokes landed, but feel good otherwise. Until my body adjusts to the lower blood pressure, will continue to feel dizzy.

Life is good.



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