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>A response and more

>Heard from the Principal of our school today.

The placement meeting is to talk about transportation costs for taking him to the hospitalization program. Not one word was said about our privacy concerns. Interesting that I had an explanation of why they scheduled it for when we couldn’t be there. We also were told that we can invite anyone that we would like, but since they don’t have addresses for the people involved, we are responsible for inviting them. So now we are meeting not this week, but next week before he starts the program.

They scheduled the meeting so that they could invite the head of the local Special Services group and because they feel a sense of urgency regarding M, because he attacked his teacher. I have not seen any incident reports, sheriff reports or other statements regarding the incident last week that resulted in his suspension. The deputy said that she would get me copies of their stuff when she comes back on shift.

>toll on family and health

>I find myself thinking more and more about what our district is doing to M.  I can’t fathom the level of failure that they are exhibiting.  Failure isn’t even the right word.  I don’t know what is. Health problems are beginning to crop up in my life.  My other kids are feeling the toll of… Continue Reading

>PWN – Prior Written Notice

>Received the PWN for M’s Manifestation Determination.  The PWN was taped to a classroom door.  What happened to confidentiality?  They scheduled the meeting for a time when I specifically told them I could not be there.  The PWN also states that they want to discuss placement.  How do they jump from suspension to manifestation determination… Continue Reading


>M has been suspended from school again for assault. This will put him at 10 days suspension and force the manifestation determination. Manifestation Determination is the schools responsibility to determine if M’s behavior is a result of his diagnosis. Our psychiatrist recommends that we get an attorney as the school is discriminating against M. We… Continue Reading


>My wife and I have been talking to the other kids about M’s diagnosis and possible long term placement in a residential facility. They are sad, but taking it well. M doesn’t seem to care either way. Long term, we are concerned about him hurting someone. The doctor describes M as an antisocial personality disorder… Continue Reading