>another call

>I got another call from the school today. It seems M got a hold of a pair of scissors.

The school principal called and told me that M had two pairs of scissors and a rock and was in a room all by himself threatening to hurt someone. I raced to the school and when I got there, M was sitting calmly in a chair. The Principal told me that she “may have misread things”. I could not believe it.

Evidently M found a pair of scissors in a desk, and said “I should use these”. That necessitated the need for them to call me.

I asked for incident reports. The principal sent one back which again included my words. I don’t understand that. No where in the incident report does it say that she told me that he was locked in a room and threatening people.

I put in a call to Protection and Advocacy. I also sent an email to the Superintendent asking about filing a complaint.

I have to protect my son from them now.



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