>M has been suspended from school again for assault. This will put him at 10 days suspension and force the manifestation determination. Manifestation Determination is the schools responsibility to determine if M’s behavior is a result of his diagnosis. Our psychiatrist recommends that we get an attorney as the school is discriminating against M.

We have sent letters to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP. I explained to the superintendent that we are filing complaints with the appropriate state and federal agencies. The district is violating M’s access to a FAPE. Free and Appropriate Public Education.

The school wanted us to hospitalize M after this latest incident for his safety. In talking with the psychiatrist, since M doesn’t have the violent outbursts at home, there is no need to hospitalize him for safety. Very frustrated with our district.

M starts partial hospitalization the week after next, so really only has four days of school left for this school year. We are concerned for my wife’s job because of the school propensity to call every 20 minutes and complain about M. We have 4 other kids in our family. They have appointments that take us into the city, as a result of me being out of town they call my wife. It wouldn’t be so bad, but the school only calls five times before they tell us to come and get M.



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