>Brain Damage and control

>A lot has happened since my last post.  We received a tentative diagnosis of “brain injury” for our son. 
He started a partial hospitalization program last week, and today has been  a long day.  today is the first time I have heard someone use the term “brain damage” and his name in the same sentence.

M was put in the hospital from the program he was in.  When I asked what he did to necessitate him being put into the hospital.. the only thing i was told is that he was out of control.  Want a kick in the guts?  have someone tell you “we know he has brain damage”.  I will wait to confirm “Brain Damage”  with the psychiatrist.  I know that the psychiatrist was talking about a brain injury diagnosis, but did not know that our son had been firmly diagnosed.   So our son is in the hospital again.  hopefully tomorrow I can get a better idea of what out of control is.



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