>a letter to my congressional reps.

>I am writing to you about a problem I am facing. as the congressional representation from the Great State of North Dakota, I felt it necessary to share with you.
I am a 39 year old man with a family.  My wife is a teacher at a school on an Indian Reservation. My kids range in age from 10 to 18.  I have two chronic health conditions and have applied for disability as a result.  I am not able to work presently because of these illnesses and what the medication does to my body.
I have been out of work since December 2010. For the last four years, I have been self-employed as a computer consultant.
I don’t mind paying for medical care.  I am on medicaid for those that think it is a great deal, I have something called recipient liability.  What this means is that I am responsible for a portion of my medical bill.  I don’t have a problem with that. 
When I had blue cross blue shield, it was called a deductible. 
My deductible for medicaid is 952 dollars a month. Do you have a 12,000 a year deductible on your health insurance? 
I think that everyone should pay their share. 
Until I get approved for disability, this is my fee every month.  Now once I get approved for disability, they will pay all medical bills up to five months after the disability began.  That can take about two years. 
Keep in mind that this is only my liability, it doesn’t include my wife, or any of our kids.  I don’t think that the affordable care act is so affordable.  What do I do until my disability is decided?  Do I choose not to feed my family a couple of meals or do I choose not to take my medication?  So far we are able to handle it, but if the doctor changes just one medication, that could change in a heartbeat.  Pretty crazy isn’t it? 
What happened to affordable care?




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