>1 year — a look back

>It has been a year since I started this blog and its corresponding facebook group. So much has happened.

Little did I know that M’s initial attack on his teacher would develop into 2 further attacks, 3 hospitalizations, probation, and a placement in a residential facility.  As a result we are exploring our legal options against the school district.  We are still holding M accountable for his actions, but feel that the school district should be held accountable for theirs as well.

The past year has seen major health challenges for me, as well as a redefinition of what it is to be a man, at least for me.  I am still struggling to come to terms with the things I have lost, and am learning to further embrace the things I hold dear to my heart.

Friends close to our hearts have been uprooted due to flooding in their communities, and we thank our blessings that we are not affected in the same manner.

As I close this, I find myself excited about the challenges that lay ahead and reminiscent of the past.  I thank the people in the facebook group for their support of both me and each other. I find it amazing that we can bring together people of diverse backgrounds to discuss a common issue.  I have heard from people across the United States about the impact of my blog, and even from someone in Singapore.

Thank you friends.



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