>a Staff meeting for our son.

had a meeting about our youngest child’s return to public school.  As soon as we started talking about it, the principal piped up and said “public school may not be the best place for him”.  the principal was pissed off that my wife and I refused to let a consultant for the school district sit in on the conference call.

Plus, we asked for the special education teacher that our son will be working with to be a participant in the next meeting.  We were told that the principal couldn’t guarantee that.  The principal said that she would see.  We set up our meetings a month in advance, how hard would it be to schedule a conference call for a specific teacher?  Turns out that the principal might not be able to make that meeting because she has been elected the President of the Chamber of Commerce in our town and has another obligation.

Then the principal complained because the teacher at the residential facility has given reports that were read by another individual, because she had to be absent for medical reasons during the last meeting.  So we set up a time for a conference call with the teacher from the facility and the school.    Oh, and the special education teacher might not be able to participate in that meeting either.

Our son has the following diagnosis:  Severe ADHD, facets of Autism, facets of fetal alcohol Syndrome, Reactive attachment disorder, oppositional defiant, obsessive compulsive and pediatric bipolar.

It seems to my wife and I that they want to set him up for failure.



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