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>a reflection on the year

>a moment of reflection.Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my first heart event. I have had three this year. It is not an experience I recommend to anyone. I also had three mini-strokes a week after the Davidh blizzard. The year has been a series of ebbs and flows. I haven’t worked for a whole year, we closed my computer business that day. I spend my time taking care of myself, and my kids as much as my health allows. I have had to let go of a lot of things; siding the house, new roof on lower roof and garage, garden, yard work, and a few other things to name a few. You never know how much you do in a day, week or month until you can’t do any of them anymore. I have been blessed with an incredible family who have stepped up to handle those things that I can not. In the process I have learned how hard it is to swallow pride. I have learned how easy it is to ask for help when I need it. Through it all, I have been given a couple of new diagnoses, including Fibromyalgia, and Hypothyroidism. I have a script for a walker, that I haven’t had to use for a month now thanks to the magic of prednisone. I have two canes that I use as needed, though it seems more often lately.I have developed a fantastic group of online friends who offer me support when I need it. My friends in Fibromyalgia Chat and Reality Autism offer the support I couldn’t find locally. I have a special place in my heart for the people who make up Carls group. They have listened to my rants, and shared their own. Heard about our struggles with the school district, and offered advice. In being part of that group, I have learned most of all that you can always move forward, and that sometimes taking two steps back is a step forward. In the coming weeks, I am launching a new site: to offer support for those fathers who suddenly find themselves staying home with their families. You can follow us on Twitter @whynotfathersI am starting to realize one thing that I value. Life is what you make it. Each day can be a good day, no matter how bad the day is. Making the decision to embrace the negative in a positive way will have an impact in your life. Thank you friends, and most of all thank you family, for giving me the past year, and putting up with my need to make sure the couch isn’t lonely. šŸ™‚

>Merry Christmas Wishes and a Message.

>For each that reads this, our wish is that you have a Merry Christmas. Remember those who have less good fortune than you. Remember our veterans in this time of war, and pray that they make it through the next 24 hours without death. For those families who have a loved one on deployment, please… Continue Reading

>A Christmas Message – Family Voices of North Dakota.

> Greetings everyone as we enter thisChristmas season. Isn’t life glorious? I decided to dosomething a little different this season for my Christmas post. Inactuality, I don’t recall doing anything last year, so let’s call ita new tradition for A Father of Many. You see, about 2 and ahalf years ago, I had the opportunity… Continue Reading

>definition of bully and harassment – a letter to the superintendent

> Mr NAME REDACTEDThank you for speaking with me.  We need to speak further regardingthis matter. ===========================This is the definition of harassment.haĀ·rassĀ·ment [huh-ras-muhnt, har-uhs-muhnt] Show IPAnounthe act or an instance of harassing,  or disturbing, pestering, ortroubling repeatedly; persecution: She sued her boss for sexualharassment. This is the definition of bullying.bulĀ·ly1  [bool-ee] Show IPA noun,… Continue Reading

>fiction or reality

>You know, dads think that they are fairly strong. We fix things when we can, and if we don’t know how, we get someone else to do the job. I am going to try to develop a community discussion about bullying in this town.  adults doing it to adults, adults bullying students, and so on…… Continue Reading

>saw my daughter

> Saw my daughter tonight. she looks and sounds so much better than she did on Wednesday. She asked me if I was disappointed with her. We talked about how I am always telling the kids to talk about and be honest about their feelings. I asked her how I could be disappointed in her… Continue Reading


>I am going to rant. Bullying is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated like small pox. When a child talks of hurting themselves because of the behaviors of a few, it is a community issue.  Everyone in the community needs to get involved in working toward a solution. My family is affected by this.… Continue Reading