>affordable care

>So, I went to fill a script for my daughter at the druggist.  As a result of the ObamaCare affordable care act thingy, her script isn’t covered.  It would be if she was over 18, but then she wouldn’t qualify for the program that would cover it, because she was over 18.

That defies logic.

I asked how much it would cost if I paid cash. 570 dollars.
I asked how much if I paid for two pills.  42 dollars.

My family lives in North Dakota.  Because of my health, I am not working.  Before affordable care was enacted, medicaid would have covered the tab.  In what way, shape or form is this affordable?  I am not independently wealth.  just for meds in our house, we are paying nearly 1500 a month.  if we add the script she was given this week, it would be over 2000.  our income is around 36k a year.  in what way is this affordable?  affordable to whom?



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