>saw my daughter


Saw my daughter tonight. she looks and sounds so much better than she did on Wednesday. She asked me if I was disappointed with her. We talked about how I am always telling the kids to talk about and be honest about their feelings. I asked her how I could be disappointed in her doing what I have been telling her to do. I am not disappointed in her.

We talked about what is going to happen when she goes back to school and what she wants to happen. We talked about how people were eventually going to find out where she was, and why. We talked about what I needed to do to help our community develop a policy regarding bullying in the schools. I told her that unless she told me I could help her, that I didn’t feel free to talk about it. I explained that it is happening to other kids. I explained that the only way we can begin the process of ending bullying is to talk about what is going on. I said, that means naming her. and talking about how she felt.

Before I left, she said: “you can help me.”

I am so proud of her. I could just burst.

she didn’t hurt herself. she did, however, have a weapon of choice, and a plan of action. which are two of the three pillars upon which suicides happen. I will say it again, I am forever grateful for the people who helped save her by convincing her to talk about how she was feeling.



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