>18 years and a dozen roses.

>18 years ago I met my bride. I can remember the day like it was yesterday. My daughter was there, but too young to remember. I remember going to her staff Christmas party that night, because her girlfriends asked me if I would take her. I was surprised at the number of cousins I had that were employed by the day care that she was working at. Here is to another 50 years, Love you, mry. I miss you, and can’t wait till you come home on Monday.

I was a bit of a cad before I met my wife. she might say I am still sometimes. I went to this pool party hoping to “hook up” with this lady. She knew I had a thing for her, and told her girlfriends. They in turn offered to baby-sit my daughter so that I could go to the Christmas party with my wife. At the end of the night, I had to go to work, I was a route driver for the Tribune at the time. One of my stops was the young lady that I was hoping to “hook up with”. I walked in the door and told her I had met my wife, and needed her phone number. In my defence, I had been too shy to ask for it. Three weeks or so later I proposed. in June 1994 we were married.

I wouldn’t trade the last 18 years for anything in the world. Marriage is a full time job, and we have had to work at it. There have been some cynics who said we got married too quickly. There are those who thought I was getting married because I needed someone to care for my daughter. Through sickness and health, mostly sickness the last 10 years, she has stayed at my side.

I don’t have any secrets or key ideas for a successful marriage. My mom was married more than four times, so I can’t use family background as a measure. No regrets. I have a wife who loves me, I have a family, I have a home. I am the richest man I know. Wealth has nothing to do with it.

Tell your significant other or spouse that you love them. Tell them often. Show them by doing little things to surprise them. I like to think that argument can be healthy in small doses for a relationship. We have had some doozies. Through everything in the last 18 years, we have has our love for each other.



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