assault in a high school

my daughter has been bullied at her school all year. Today we are in the ER because she got hit hard enough that she blacked out. We are going to file assault charges against the school. And who ever did this. We have told the school about the bullying issue before. Evidently they don’t take it as seriously as I do.

she is undergoing a ct scan right now. The hit was at the base of her skull where the neck meets the head.



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  1. Update: We filed a report with the Sheriff Department. The school reported to me that they are actively investigating the incident.

    CT Scan results came back positive, although she has a slight concussion and will be under observation for 24 – 48 hours with a follow-up to the primary doctor in 48 hours.

    We are going to consult with an attorney as well.

  2. Wow – what grade is she in? Were there witnesses?

    My son turns 17 in March and since 6th grade has been doing Online school so we have avoided bullying as we are in Los Angeles and my son is tall, thin, white and autistic, which is a minority here. to see if your State has a Virtual Academy. FREE and they provide computer and printer and twice a year issue a check to reimburse for ISP.

    Hope she is okay and that the tests come back showing no permanent damage.