Day 2 ~ Much better ~ or Butterflies and more.

Day two started out very well. No eruptions or complaints.

Got a call from the psych nurse regarding missing the blood draw yesterday. She was very grumpy. I understand that there is a protocol to follow with the blood work for his meds, but what can I do if the people who draw blood are not at work? Draw it myself? I tried to explain that we live in a town of less than 1700 people and don’t have all of the resources of the big city.

So we went to lab this morning. Our son was sure a trooper about it. He pointed out the best spot to take blood from his arm, and then asked if they could use a butterfly needle. He watched the whole thing from start to finish and never complained once, even when the veined rolled and they didn’t get blood with the first poke.

Now we are on lunch break, after lunch we will be doing some homework about Martin Luther King Jr. I am so very pleased with how he is doing. And if I have to scold him about something, he takes he scolding fairly well, or at least as well as any other typical 10 year old would take it.

Still working to get the school and all of the players in our drama about education back to the table so that he can be in public school.



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