Day 2 the evening. ~ frustrated

Well, everyone is home with our son and I.  Five kids plus my wife and I.  Our son seems to be content with pushing as many buttons as possible all evening long. Time-outs aren’t working.  Quiet time isn’t working. He just wants to push push push.  Every one is getting frustrated.

I wish that they hadn’t been forced to take him off of the clozeril.  Things are going to be much rougher than they were when he was in the residential facility.  We did home visits and all of that before he was discharged and these behaviours weren’t in evidence at that time.

Trying to cope. He isn’t like this during the day time when it is just him and I.


An hour later, we covered him completely with the blanket.  Maybe too much input, as he is fine now.  He has stopped pushing buttons and is relaxed.



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