Day 3 ~ Under the Weather

He must not be feeling good today.  Here it is after 10am and he is still wanting to sleep.  He is fighting a sinus infection, but that has been going on for a couple of days.  Blood draw at 11:45 again.  Then we are going on an outing to the hardware store to price out  a new dryer since ours died. Having a family of seven means that our appliances get a lot of use.

After lunch, school work time. 🙂 He does it without complaint.  I am so impressed.  We are still working on getting another meeting setup with his IEP team so that he can return to public school, but so far this seems to be working.  Only time will tell, as I imagine he will get tired of seeing my face all of the time.

A shout out to my friend Rob Gorski and his family over at Lost and Tired, their van was stolen this morning and the incident has been quite upsetting to the whole family.  Rob and his wife Lizzie, have three boys on the spectrum, evidently the boys saw it happen.  Pray that the van is returned in usable condition and that they can get moved to a safer neighbourhood soon. Rob does have a donation link on his site if you can spare a couple of dollars to help them move.  Every dollar counts.



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