Day 4 ~ a recap

So, it seems that our youngest son has issues with needing attention when any of his other siblings are home.  It doesn’t matter to him if he is negative or positive in how he gets the attention.  He will push any button he can to get attention.

So we spent quite a bit of time in quiet spaces tonight.  Quiet space in our house, we have 5 kids age 10 to 17, is where ever an empty room and a blanket exist.  Once he gets under the blanket in the empty room for a couple of minutes, everything is fine for a good 45 minutes.  Then we repeat the process.  On one hand it is frustrating, on the other hand, we are learning how to interact with him in a different way that doesn’t allow the negative behaviors to surface.

Early today when it was just the two of us, we didn’t have negative behaviors.  He did all of the school work that I asked him to do, and never complained.  We went on a field trip, and no problems came up.

We had hoped to be done with the blood draws for a while, but we still need to do them for a couple of weeks yet.  These are to track the level of infection in his body.  I have never seen any child cooperate with a blood draw like he does.  He pops up his arm, points to a good vessel and says “right here…”  Absolutely incredible.  Over all, his first 4 days rates an “A”.   I wonder if this is in part because of his Reactive Attachment Disorder…



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