Day 4 ~ Waking up with Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore and Christopher Robin

Day 4 in the household.  Fabulous morning, even if it is below zero.  We are definitely not morning people.  Well, except for our youngest son.  Seems like he is on a spring this morning.

Tigger is actually a Pomeranian named Tobey.  And Tobey bounces up and down at the mere sight of someone going toward the door.  We call them four off’s, because he clears all four feet a good two feet off of the floor.

His brother and playmate Eyeore is another Pomeranian named Brown Sugar Bear, or Sugar for short. Sugar doesn’t get excited about much except his Aunt Sheila. When aunt Sheila comes to visit, you would think that he was a puppy.

Pooh is our Old English Sheep dog.  Pooh’s real name is Max.  Max loves the cold most of the time.  He prefers to be outside in the weather. No, I shouldn’t nickname him Pooh, as the only time he is sedate is when we try to bring him into the house.  Other than Tigger, is there another character that is excited about life and the world?  Maybe we need to spend some time in Pooh’s world this week and see.

And then there is Christopher Robin.  Our youngest son.  He likes to play.  He is on the go all of the time.  He greets each day with a smile.  He is inquisitive about everything and likes to cause the slightest bit of mischief. Nothing he does is meant to harm, things just happen when he is around.  In actuality, his name is David and he is 10 years old.  David was born addicted to a number of street drugs, and has been in a residential facility for behaviour training.  He was recently discharged to home, hence the “Day #” in the title of this post.

Time for Coffee. 🙂 Have I said, “I am not a morning person?”


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  1. Below zero?? My goodness, that would make me very, very grumpy. But even though you say you’re not a morning person, you sound upbeat. 🙂 I’m looking forward to your progress with David and the rest of the pack. I wish you all the best!