Day 6 ~ Everything is Frozen

Today has been an exercise in negative behaviour.

David decided that the refrigerator wasn’t cold enough so he played with the controls in the fridge and now everything is frozen.  Milk, soda, chip dip, sour cream… everything.  What happens when soda cans freeze solid??? Yep, the results can be explosive!

Thankfully, we caught it before things erupted.

What else is happening?  For the most part, today has been fairly positive. David and I had a talk about positive versus negative attention.  If he wants attention he needs to do things that aren’t negative in nature.  If he is in his play area/time out room, he needs to keep his volume at a level that is acceptable to everyone in the house, most especially the guy in the room next door.

A couple of times today David had to go under the blanket because of inappropriate behaviour.  Mom had to remind me about the 1-2-3 Magic method.  I confess, I am new to that method of discipline, and need to be reminded.  As a result, I was wrong, and admitted it.

What is 1-2-3 Magic?  Not entirely sure, but my wife gave me a copy of the book to read a while ago, and I guess I need to be reading it. Look for an article here in the coming week.

My wife brought home a laptop from her place of employment because their tech couldn’t fix it.  20 minutes later… everything works.

On a side note, isn’t it a beautiful day?!?  Doesn’t matter where you are, or where I am, isn’t it a beautiful day?



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