Evening Day 3

Well it appears that we have two levels of behaviour.  That which he exhibits during the day when it is one on one, and that which is displayed in the evenings when everyone is home.  Tonight he was all about the word no. Everything we said, “no” was the response, didn’t matter if we were talking to him or not.  20 minutes of solitude under a blanket for that and other inappropriate behaviour and things were fine.  The most pressing behaviour is that he doesn’t want to listen.

Just a matter of changing or adapting our parenting style, if this is the only issue that we have, we are rocking.  However I feel that we are still in the honeymoon phase after his return from the residential facility. Only time will tell if that is an accurate portrayal of the situation and his behaviour.

On another front, the clozaril affected his white blood count so he had to stop taking it.  We had to do a blood draw everyday, until it was above a certain level, and now that it is above that level, we have to do a blood draw every other day for a month.  No word yet on whether or not he can get back on the clozeril.  He had developed a cold, so maybe the decrease was related to an illness and not the medication.

Questions for the doctor at any rate.

More later.



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