Greetings on a New Day.

As we start week 3 after placement back at home for our youngest, I am struck with awe about how he can be two completely different kids.  There is the David we see when all of the kids are home, and there is the David we see when he is one – on – one with us.

We had to complete our weekly blood draw to monitor the ANC levels of his blood.  One of the meds he was on while he was in the residential placement caused issues with is blood.  It is a known side affect.  Now that the levels are returning to normal, he is struggling to get over a chest cold and sinus infection, so hopefully he will be able to go back on the med.  He was so much more stable mentally when he was on it. We didn’t see the large peaks and valleys in his affect then.

Moving forward, my wife and I are on the mend.  I at least don’t feel like my head is going to explode with every movement anymore.

Today, as part of our education plan, we had an outing.  We caught a ride up town to the clinic this morning, and then walked home. Along the way, we stopped and visited with the man from the hardware store, and then stopped at his store and ordered a new dryer for mom.  While we were there, we asked a lot of questions about things, and generally just interacted with the wonderful people working there.  New dryer should be here later this week.

Then we took our new garbage can and walked home.  Along the way we worked on making sure that we crossed the street appropriately, and talked about snow and how snow flakes are formed.  It was a very productive morning for the little guy, and he asked a lot of really good questions.  Now time for some free time, and then lunch.

Still working on getting the facilitated IEP set up.



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