a lunch date with my wife on the morrow

Sweet, my bride and I get to have a couple of hours to ourselves tomorrow.  🙂  Thanks so much Auntie!

We are going into the city, doing a little shopping, lunch buy some car parts for my truck, and then come home.  Kind of a late valentines treeat for ourselves.

Having three boys on the spectrum with the youngest being the way he is, it is difficult to find a sitter who can keep up with them. We don’t like to leave David home with the girls, as they don’t deserve that.  So since Auntie came to visit for the weekend, we have a perfectly capable sitter.  She doesn’t brook any trouble from any of the boys, and knows how to deal with their quirks and many blessings.

So tomorrow, I will get to tell everyone how my date went with my bride. Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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