a most magical, amazing day and other stuff

Today was incredible.  Limited arguments from the youngest. By limited, I mean less than 5.  Very nice day.

Spent some time working on household chores, dishes and what not.  Laundry can wait a day.  Seems like it never ends anyway.

Setup my sewing area in the living room.  While it would be nice to have a separate area, it will do.

Wrote an article about Least Restrictive Environments.    Worked on some other aspects of the site, namely stats and determining who, when and how long each visit was.  What seem to be the more popular postings?  the jury is still out, but the lead is in for the post about “Toddlers and Tiaras“.

The first month of live activity garnered 1500 unique page views.  this is up from 0 in December, and traffic is increasing each week.

On a side note, still looking for an attorney in regard to the incident earlier this week.  Violence is not the answer, parents, please teach your kids that.

I appreciate the support of you readers.  Please take the time to comment on those posts you have an opinion on, or if you find some tidbit applies to your situation.  Even if you think the post is way off the deep end, please don’t hesitate to tell me that either.  Just be brave enough to leave contact info so we can debate the issue in the blog comments.  I won’t tell you that you are wrong, but will work to see your side, and also convince you that I am right.  I will do this with research and data.  Either way, the reader wins, I learn something and you learn something.  How can that not be a winning combination?

Tomorrow and Saturday I am off for class.  I am attending the Partners in Policymaking training put on by a local organization.  If you ever get the chance to attend, do so, it is a wealth of information. I promise you will find the experience highly enriching for your life.

In other news, I applied to the Maternal and Child Health / Public Health Leadership Institute. I am hoping that I will get in, training occurs over a period of 1 year covering 3 on-site visits of roughly 4 days each plus numerous online learning opportunities. Please pray that I may be accepted into the institute and enhance my abilities to help families transition to having a stay at home father or even just a more involved father.



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