And we have a successful outing!

Our outing to the Malte Shoppe was a huge success. On the way home we stopped at the drug store and the hardware store.  We ended up walking because dad forgot to put gas in his truck.  But since it is only four blocks and not really all that cold at 34 degrees, we walked.  Nice to get a bit of exercise, happy that I was wearing my knee braces and had my cane with though.

The other nice thing about our outing was that he didn’t steal anything, even though we were in two stores.  Last year, he would have been loading up his pockets.

So we met with our Partnerships Coordinator, and the mentor coordinator.  It worked out very well.  Nice to have some adult contact during the day, and David seemed to enjoy interacting with someone other than his old man.

We bought him an ice cream cone in a cup.  He inhaled it.  He never eats ice cream like that, so was quite a surprise.  And now we are home, time to get supper ready.

Hope your day rocks as much as ours did!



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