buttons, buttons, who has the buttons?

Well, I am either looking for my remote control or I am trying to figure out how to prevent our youngest from pushing every button he can find to anger everyone in the house in one night.

He is ten years old.  He created a facebook account, and we figured that as long as it was monitored, we would be able to keep it under control.  We set the password and told him that an adult needed to log him in to it.  He then started resetting the password for the account.  So I changed the email address associated with the account and told him that one more time would result in the denial of access to facebook.

Simple right?  Nope.  He created another account.  Took away his computer privileges for everything except school work and he started using his brother’s computer.  We told his brother that if David isn’t allowed to use any computer’s so he started locking his computer with the password that we setup.

Simple right?  Nope.  He stole a laptop from his mom.  Yep.  Mom was given a netbook for work and he stole it from our bedroom, which was locked.  Yep.  no idea how he got in there.

So now, we have to redo the lock in our bedroom door. (used to use a skeleton key which he has figured out how to pick)

Time to use the old hasp and padlock option.




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