have i failed as a father?

I feel like a failure.

My youngest son has hacked into his brother’s facebook account and threatened to kill someone.

And then he lied about doing it, even when confronted by the evidence.

How do I learn about this? The victim’s parents called the Sherrif.

I don’t blame them. I blame myself. I blame my son.

So tonight I am admitting my son to the mental health unit at the hospital. I don’t know what else to do.

How do I protect him while protecting the rest of the family? Or protecting others in our community?

I posted a note to the account, letting people know that it had been hacked.

Mental illness is not an excuse for this kind of behavior.

Tonight I had the opportunity to participate in a committee for our school district’s anti-bullying policy. And we talked about cyberbullying.
I would be a hipocrite to not do something about my son’s behavior.

More later.



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