just another manic monday

Well, David and I met with the respite care providers.  Nice family.  Mom and Dad seem to think a lot like us.  Neat this is that they have adopted a couple of kids as well.  So we are excited.  This should enhance David’s life by giving us a break from each other.  I made sure to let David know that he is still our son, but that this is just a place for him to take a break from our family.

The case worker told him to think of it as his vacation home.

We spent almost two hours in their home just talking. We talked about our challenges from the past year, about fighting the school district to ensure that David has access to an education in accordance with state and federal law.  The mom is studying for a degree in early childhood education.

On the way home, David talked about the rabbits.  (the respite home is in the country, which means lots of room for David to run) They have snowmobiles that they ride around on, and asked if he could do that.  Plus in the summer they go camping.  Because I am sensitive to light, that hasn’t been an option for us.  Maybe once we get a camper that will change, but have to wait and see.

For now though, things are looking up. 🙂

this isn’t a picture of the actual house, but I thought it was neat and shows the outdoors in a way that will remind David of the respite home.

English: Farm house.
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