Me Parent – You Child and a Brunch Date

So today has been one of those wonderful days. Mostly calm and relaxing.

The youngest had a date with his mentor, so we hiked to another town 30 miles from here to drop him with the mentor.  Got a brunch date with my lovely bride… 🙂 so rare that this happens, cherish the moments.  Went back to get our son at 3.

Seems like every button that he can push on his sibs is pushed.  I don’t think that it is intentional.  I just think that his siblings are so used to getting after him for everything that they still do it even after he spent almost 7 months in the residential facility.  So mom and I have started our mantra.  Me Parent – You Child.  Our son has two parents and 4 siblings, not 6 parents and no siblings.

He tries hard to be good, you can see that he wants to be good.  It is just that his energy levels and attention span accentuate negative behaviour.

So any ideas about how we can convince the sibs to stop parenting?

And yes, kids, I know that you can read this.  We want you to enjoy your childhood.  No amount of yelling by you or your brothers and sisters can make his behaviours change to what we think they should be.  Please be patient with us and him as we work to adapt our lives to the needs of everyone in the household.

Even you have to admit that on his worst day now, it is still better than his worst day a year ago.





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