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Giving Hearts Day – Happy Valentines Day

As we celebrate this heart day with our loved ones, we need to remember that there are others who are less fortunate than ourselves. I am on the board of directors for an organization that assists families who need hope.  The organization is called Family Voices of North Dakota.  Would you consider giving 5, 10,… Continue Reading

Our school made the news – an Update

Last week you may remember that I wrote about our school district being on the news.  Here is the original post Today I received a response from the reporter. The story was not meant to be offensive to you or your family in anyway. The incident was only mentioned to let viewers know that bullying… Continue Reading

calm seas on the prairie before the storm

Well, in 25 minutes the rest of the kids will be out of school for the day.  And what has been a quiet interlude for my youngest and I, will turn into a storm. Why? It seems that as soon as his siblings get home from school, a switch is flipped and he is determined… Continue Reading

facebook and my pre-teen

Well, my pre-teen has signed up for a facebook account again. What to do… ? Well, we did a couple of things. reset the password add a second email to the account. (whenever he tries to change the password, I get notified.) the only way he gets to use the account is if an adult… Continue Reading

Medications, bane or beneficial?

Medication to control ADHD, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses can be both a benefit and a bane to the children who take them. Our son, born addicted to illicit drugs, has had zero chance to function without medications modifying his affect. What does this mean? Simply put, without medications, he has little hope of… Continue Reading

my kingdom for toothpicks to prop my eyelids open

My youngest has been up since 4am.  He has days like these.  I don’t know if it is just me being tired or what, but it seems like he is pushing a lit of buttons today. Not just mine, but all of the people in the house. So what recommendations do you have to keep… Continue Reading

Let Whitney Houston rest in Peace – to the hatemongers

Can’t argue that she had it and lost it. But she was human too. She leaves behind a family. How would you like it if someone made the same comment about you on the day you died? Oh wait, you wouldn’t mind, because you would be dead.. but your family would have to listen to… Continue Reading

Me Parent – You Child and a Brunch Date

So today has been one of those wonderful days. Mostly calm and relaxing. The youngest had a date with his mentor, so we hiked to another town 30 miles from here to drop him with the mentor.  Got a brunch date with my lovely bride… 🙂 so rare that this happens, cherish the moments.  Went… Continue Reading

Our School District made the news!!! Updated

Update February 12, 2012 An update.  In chatting with news people, it was explained to me how the story is reported.  Since the report from the Sheriff Department reported it as an accident, the news people felt that there really wasn’t a lot else to report. I can see where they would say that.  And… Continue Reading