productive or just busy body

Today has been an incredible day.  If it isn’t one thing, it is another.

Our new dryer was delivered this morning… Yeah me!

Been on the phone with the Department of Public Instruction, Protection and Advocacy and a news program.

For our youngest, the school district requested a facilitated IEP.  So I faxed in a signature page. Hopefully will know more about that in the coming week.

For our youngest daughter, she went back to school this morning.  Investigation is ongoing into the attack on her last night.  The school offered to let me view the video archive from yesterday, but, I don’t think that I could be objective so I said that I would let the Deputy Sheriff complete the investigation into what happened.  I find the whole thing rather maddening.

On the other hand, I have been in contact with some incredible people offering well wishes and support for our family.

We have what we see as four options:

  1. We can fight the district to get them to do their job in both educating our children and protecting our children from harm
  2. We can move to another district if my wife could get a new job.
  3. We can move to another district and continue to fight for what is right in this district by suing the school.
  4.  We can homeschool our children using one of the many online options.

At present, we are going with option 1.  I can’t see being forced into a position where we should have to move to ensure that our children get the education that they are deserving and entitled to.  If this is happening to our children, how many other kids is it happening to?

Then I am faced with the dilemma of how vocal do I want to be?  Do I go to the press?  Do I sue the district? If so, is there a magic answer that would make me dismiss the lawsuit?  Where do  I get the money to fund a lawsuit?



2 Responses to productive or just busy body

  1. My Father ran into the same issue with me as I was growing up.

    Anyways I understand your frustration, they would write an IEP then completely disregard it. They would refuse to listen to a word me or my parents would say.

    The principal couldn’t understand that my issue was being bored in class, not class being too frustrating, and that harder classes would distract me from social issues. He absolutely could not wrap his head around that concept.

    I had been assaulted regularly at school which the principal claimed was “regular kid teasing” I was suspended and the other kids were let off the hook.

    This was not surprising, considering he also quite vocally proclaimed that I didn’t have a disability and that I just had “Doctor’s brat syndrome” (One of two people in my past who had done that.)

    My parents finally decided to home school me.

    As a note, I’m now married going on 6 years and living on my own with my wife, so I hope that gives you hope for your children.

    • There is always hope. Even on the darkest days when my despair is at it’s worst, there is hope. Never give up on hope. Thank you for your comments.