say it again, with feeling

I find myself repeating everything I say to David.  Don’t, Don’t, Don’t do that. Don’t do this…

Don’t touch the computer without permission, don’t touch the tv without permission.  Don’t touch the Wii without permission. You are not allowed on facebook.  Over and Over and Over again.  Yet, each morning I get up and when I check my email I find that he has attempted to access facebook, or he has attempted to access yahoo, or…

He was born with a traumatic brain injury.  I understand that.  He has obsessive compulsive disorder, he is oppositional defiant, he has ADHD, he has facets of Autism, he has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, he has Reactive Attachment Disorder.  And apparently, he has no memory.

I don’t know.  I am just so frustrated.  I wish that I had a magic wand that I could wave which would allow me to remedy all of the issues that he was born with.

This morning, he had a meltdown as the rest of the kids were leaving for school.  Absolutely refused to listen to reason, and went off the scale because he couldn’t have things his way.

Now we are off to meet with the respite care provider.  Hopefully this meeting goes well.

Any ideas on how I can help him remember what he can and can’t do?



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