Shoot, a laptop, and your teen’s attention

Now, I am sure that all of my readers have seen or heard the news report about the father, Tommy Jordan, who authored a video post on his daughter’s facebook wall titled “Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen.” and then posted the video on his daughter’s facebook wall.

I am not here to bemoan his actions, nor am I here to defend his daughter.  I am simply a parent with an opinion.  My opinion is this:  In the age of parent’s killing their children for the slightest disrespect and other reasons, was what Tommy Jordan did so bad?  Sure it might be considered over the top to take a .45 pistol and blow away a laptop in response to some nefarious post, but as a parent, I consider it my responsibility to monitor the activity of my juvenile children while they are online and in my house.  Let me say that again… It is my RESPONSIBILITY.  I gave them the computer, I pay for the Internet access, I pay for the house, I am responsible.  Because I am responsible, I reserve the right to look at anything on the computer that the kids use.

Now, once they leave home, their business is not my business.  Unless they are doing it in my home.

That said, I could think of a lot of other ways to get the attention of my child, but none of them would get their attention like Tommy Jordan did. Like Mr. Jordan said, if you have a father in IT, you would think that you would have sense to not do things like this again.

What do you think his daughter is thinking?  Or her friends?  Oh the shame…

Give me a break!  If you are in the wrong, you are in the wrong.  From what your father has said, you were disciplined for inappropriate activities before, so this should come as no surprise to you.

Here is a hint, I don’t pay my kids to do chores either.  How many parents do?

For those of you who haven’t seen the video…

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One Response to Shoot, a laptop, and your teen’s attention

  1. I love that the man did this. I couldnt believe it when I saw it- but I was proud to see someone sticking up to their kids. I was shocked to see people referring to this as child abuse, and cruel. Well he paid for it- so he could do what he wants with it. As for the daughter, he posted her reaction and her reaction to the comments. She was more mature bout it than some of the parents that posted- saying she wasn’t going to kill herself for the loss of a laptop and for parents to think so was ridiculous.- Thank god she has more sense than those parents! Though- it makes me wonder how their kids behave. Kudos to this man for standing his ground and expecting his kid to do things without rewards. 🙂 These are EVERYDAY things she’s going to need to learn in life- and she’s not going to be rewarded for it. Imagine if she got an apartment on her own- is she going to wait for someone to pay her to clean her own mess?- NO. Which means she either needs to know how to clean it, or leave it messy. OR afford a maid- which many cannot do, realistically. CONSIDER THIS LIFE LESSON LEARNED!