So much has happened, yesterday, tomorrow… IEP, Respite and more

So much has happened since my last post.

  1. Received a call regarding respite care for our youngest son David.  Every weekend, he gets to spend Saturday and Sunday with a host family.  this will give him a break from us, and us a break from him.
  2. Received a call from the facilitator for our facilitated IEP.  Meeting tentatively set for Feb 29th, 2012.  Keep our fingers crossed.
  3. Contacted Legal Assistance of North Dakota regarding assistance with my appeal for disability.  Sounds very promising.
  4. Scheduled appointment with my PCP (Primary Care Physician) to get checked out regarding the numbness I feel in my face.

Respite care for David will be a huge benefit.  After spending 24/7 with him for most of the last month, he needs a break from me.  If he was in public school, he would get a break there, but since we are still home-schooling him, there is no break other than what we can manufacture.

Talked with the facilitator for our IEP meeting for almost an hour about our concerns with the school, our hopes for David and what we are willing to do.  Seemed to be a very productive conversation.  I explained that we needed the staff from the residential facility David was recently discharged from involved, as well as his Partnerships Care Coordinator, his Mentor Coordinator, our advocate from Protection and Advocacy, and the case worker for his Respite Care program.  All told there will be 25 people at this meeting about our son.

Legal assistance — Was on hold for an hour, and when the intake person came back on, she told me I would have to call back tomorrow.  I explained that I had been on hold for over an hour, she apologised and took my application.  I have to fax some stuff to their office, and mail a packet to Social Security and then wait some more.

With the left side of my face being numb, my left leg hurting from the thigh down, I tried to get an appointment yesterday, but was unable to get in.  Not having health insurance, I am limiting how many times I go to the ER.  I don’t like that, but I also need to ensure my family gets to eat.

More later. 🙂




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